This special flaxseed flour, obtained during the cold press extraction process, preserves all properties of linseed, but with low content of fat and calories; highly proteic, and rich in essential amino acids (that human body does not produce), of similar composition to soy protein. It is considered as the most nutritious vegetable protein and has no cholesterol.
It is very provable that whole seeds pass through gastrointestinal tract without being digested, because the elastic cover of linseed resists the action of digestive enzymes.
Therefore, it turns out to be of great importance to consume grinded seeds in order to assure the digestion of the nutrients within seed.to diminish blood pressure.
Special flaxseed flour is rich in no soluble fibre, which is not digested nor absorbed by the thin intestine, so it passes relatively intact to heavy intestine, improving constipation problems. The biggest fraction of linseed fibre is constituted by cellulose, mucilage, and lignin.
Whole linseed or as defatted flour is one of the richest vegetal sources of lignin; substance related to lignan, a phytoestrogen that would act at feminine hormonal system level with an apparent anticancer and antioxidant potential (see technical sheet).
This product, like other oleaginous, does not contain gluten (protein found in wheat, oat, barley, and rye). For this reason, people who are sensitive to gluten can enjoy defatted linseed in their diet, which in addition, is low in sodium.


Like soy, flaxseed flour can also be used as a vegetal meat, given its nutritional characteristic, previously emphasized.
This special flaxseed flour can be taken in breakfast, spread on cereals, fruits, muesli and yogurt, and in a lot of meals. It is used in the elaboration of pastry products, cookies, among others.