Nutra Andes, company owner of the brand Fontevita is located in the central zone of Chile on the plain that takes place between the Cordillera de los Andes and the Pacific Ocean, which is known as Central Valley, in the heart of the region of vineyards and fruit production of this country. World-wide recognized by its excellent weather and fertile soil, it is watered by clean waters that rivers bring directly from the mountain range ice.

In the elaboration of the different products, only certified and clean methodologies of processing are used. As a result of the use of cold press extraction for the seeds treatment; both the oils and the defatted flours obtained, are products that maintain intact the active power of its natural components. The natural antioxidants and coloring substances of the seed are preserved by long time without needing neither additives nor chemical preservers, for these reasons they are products of high quality, extra virgin, pure and 100% natural.