Chilean hazelnut oil differences from others due to its high content of palmitoleic acid, rare to find in nature.
It has the property to absorb low radiation of ultraviolet light spectrum, allowing only the passage of the radiation able to produce sun tan, preventing the production of erythema and the acceleration of the aging process with the formation of wrinkles. This effect corresponds to a factor of solar protection level 30.
By its capacity of penetration and rapidly absorption, it is a natural vehicle in the transport of nutrients and other substances that protect and regenerate skin, not obstructing pores.
For its lubricant action, it gives skin a non greasy, younger and fresher aspect.
It is vastly used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry for the elaboration of topical preparations, aromatherapy and for hair treatments and therapeutic massages.
It is very helpful for allergic and irritation problems, protects dry or scaly skin, scars and dry lips.


Add small amounts of this special oil on your skin or lips and massage to obtain a uniform penetration.
It can be used as often as you wish, and at least once a day.
You can also use it for the hair and as protection to prevent damage from excessive sun exposure.