La semilla de sésamo fue ampliamente usada en tiempos de la antigüedad. Los romanos y los griegos la incluían en sus alimentos para condimentar junto con el comino. Su aceite es un ingrediente principal en la cocina asiática, imponiendo un sabor distintivo en muchos platos.


From cold press extraction process of sesame seeds, we obtain this oil of an intense yellow colour that has a delicious taste and smell.
Sesame oil is considered as a “natural weapon” in the fight against high cholesterol levels. Of the 85% of unsaturated fats that it contains, around half corresponds to omega 6 (linoleic fatty acid) and the other half corresponds to omega 9 (oleic fatty acid), both considered as healthy fats.
Some investigators affirm that such fats are of high importance for our body to produce the quantity of hormones of youth needed for a long life.
It is rich in vitamin E, phospholipids, lecithin, magnesium, zinc, and a big quantity of minerals which turn to be vital for thinking and memory processes. Some authors affirm that it helps to recover the spirit in depressed or very mentally tired people.


Cooking with this oil is a pleasure; it allows to be taken to high temperatures without losing its natural properties. It is specially used in ethnic cooking, for example in Chinese, Japanese, Indian restaurants, etc.