For its fatty acids, linseed (flax seed) oil helps to nourish, maintaining and restoring the freshness and elasticity of the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and with a velvety appearance.
Linseed oil is very nice as a base for massage and is recommended for skins with sunburn, grazes and several other alterations.
There are even some reports that inform of relief in cases of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.
Finally it should be said that helps maintain healthy hair and nails.


Spread a few drops of this beneficial oil on the zones of your skin that need to be treated and massage in circular movements. Use it at least once a day.
To treat dry hair, make a massage with this oil twenty minutes before washing or the night before and let it stand all night so that it can penetrate and nourish.
We recommend using it every time you go to wash your hair until you see significant improvement. As maintenance, applied it at least once a month.