Almond oil can be used on any kind of skin to provide softness, nutrition and relaxation.
For this reason it is habitually chosen by massage therapists. It is applied in the treatment of damaged, dry and sensitive hair.
For its richness in essential fatty acids it is massively used as a basis for the development of many cosmetic face, hair and body products.
Almond oil is very useful when there is a problem of allergy and irritation, as by its natural emollient properties calms, lubricates and protects worn or scaly skin.
It is excellent when use on the skin of young babies and for removing the crust milk.
Prevents stretch marks and heals the cracks of the nipple and hands. It has also proved to work very well as a cleansing preparation.


Add a few drops of this beneficial oil on your skin and massage with circular movements. Use it whenever you want, at least once a day.
To treat dry hair, make a massage with this oil half an hour or the night before washing. Let it stand this time or all night so that it can penetrate and nourish.
We recommend using it every time you go to wash your hair until you see significant improvement. When use as maintenance treatment, applied it at least once a month.