La almendra es originaria del Medio Oriente y los romanos fueron los que la introdujeron en occidente. Hoy su uso es muy amplio y va desde la producción de aceite, mantequilla, leche y harinas, productos que son aplicados en postres y en productos libres de gluten tales como galletas y snack.


This light yellow oil with a very soft flavour contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids that constitute a 93% of total fat. The most important is the oleic acid (see technical sheet).
Its frequent consumption helps to diminish levels of total cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol or LDL and at the same time helps raising “good” cholesterol or HDL.
Having a vegetal origin, almond oil does not have cholesterol, and because its high levels of vitamin E, antioxidant, it makes it beneficial in preventing coronary diseases and cancer in general.


It is very appreciated in gastronomy, especially by creative people at the moment of preparing special dishes and recipes. It enables to enjoy the natural flavour of foods.